Never thought of this....So im sittin here at my cubicle with nuthin to do, but to google through/ all this bloggin and bullish, typin's not hood rich, thinkin of a master plan to make you SICK/Or, me, feel better, Im too clever, spit in any weather to the windwinged feathers/never been underestimated, just under-a-pprecited, while under stagnation/they try to hold me back like a chicks contreception or constipation, im over elation/ cuz life gettin better, just gotta turn a corner/ peek and you a goner, get a whiff of the aroma/ the new stankonia/ chirp to the coroner/ we got anova one/ better get out the mourners/dead on sight/off to the loners/ shoulda neva *ucked wita midnight marauder

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