Follow The Leader

For some time now I've seen myself as a leader....When I was young and throughout life I've always walked my own path to greatness, but more times than not I followed friends, family, etc....But since I've moved to The A I've been crafting my teacher/leadership skills...Not only as a father and husband but also, finally seeing some of my visions come to life....Music....I am finally making the music I want to make, MY songs with MY sound....Not to sound selfish...and I do have unfinished business, my bad, with a few friends, but MY direction and just for the love of it......As I make my mark in the artistic realm of life, my wife has helped me to overstand STABILITY,RESONSIBILITY,ABILITY and any other ILITY you want to name....And for that I enter Leadership through the corporate world....As my skills allow me to rapidly grow at this job, It allows me to rapidly grow as a man.....I WILL NOT GO CORPORATE.....Just had to say that, because I love to work and be the best at whatever I do, but I am An ARTIST at heart and in my veins runs the blood of KINGS.....So as I journey to Kingship and lead this generation into Greatness, they've been calling me Obama lately on the J-O cause they feel that with my new position I can establish a New Order in $uce$$, We enter things unseen an dnreams un materialized.......Top or Tie......See You There

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