Spend a day or 2 with me and you'll see what I mean....Only those close to me can get a glimpse of what I'm talking about...You won't believe what I'm about to tell you but, I CAN PREDICT THE FUTURE.....No not on some Ms. Cleo ish, but just ask ur friends that know Christ...He's predicted 9/11, the next trends in colors,fashion, and even the names of mixtapes.....I don't understand it but it comes either through Dreams or just vivismisions...Now a days it's getting ridiculous... All these sites i go to are talking about things that I've been seeing/saying for about the last 3 weeks.....Don't know if you've ever seen a movie called "Being John Malkovich", but it's about a puppeteer that finds a portal in an office that leads people into John Malkovich the actor...They become him, controlling him and seeing life through his eyes...He, of course isn't aware until a woman starts to fall for him, who is actually another woman who loves the woman who is falling for him..They are only allowed 15 minutes per trip...But they figure out a way to stay in his head and they actually become him for years until......It's a little complicated but it's about CONTROL.....So to All you Wannabees......GET OUTTA MY HEAD.....

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