From The A to N.Y....2wenty4our7even...NO$LEEPgetmoney

And 21 hours later I'm here....One Coke and some home cooking from my wife, 15 hours of no$leep, 3 layovers and 4 states later, I'm here.......No matter the weather, no matter the time New York will be New York....The cab drivers will still argue with YOU about which way to go, you'll find some drunk guys cell phone or wallet in the same cab, plus you'll meet an actor(shouts to Dennis the Menace;"The Brave One", "The B.I.G Story", a kid who just got signed to a major label( shouts to Charlie and Hcho) and get a buy one get one free slice of pizza...From a Papa Johns?....All in 7 hours in New York....Nothing like it in the world....Str8 off the bus it was to the studio to meet young Show and his peoples...shouts to The Go Getters.....Then it was off to another studio to listen to my cuzo's new mixtape he's puttin together with Sonic....Illlllll....Anyways, I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds in this crazy city, but all I know is I have to embrace it and hug it and love it.....It's the place that raised me....

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