They Live...circa '88

Sorry bout all the movie post references, but this is how I feel, my life's a movie....But this one, huh....sittin here watchin it and, even though it's a B movie and a lil corny, and let me not forget Rowdy Roddy Piper, the wrestler...but my point is not the actual movie but the point of the movie.....Rowdey stumbles on some Ray-Ban sunglasses that, when worn, shows the identity of these aliens on Earth...And not only does it show their true form, but it shows the true underlying messages in the Media....Magazines say "Stay Asleep" "Obey" "No Imagination".......Which brings me to my quest...this is the state of the world now....Althiugh we are starting to see an emergence of individuality,the masses on a whole gear us and try to guide us in a direction of Control....Not Control of ourselves but being Controlled by the Powers that be....

Are Your Glasses On??? 2wenty4our7even

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