Silly Me.....

I thought that two, was what GMC needed but MTR (yes, I'm back to my orginial, you had given it away anyway so M.A. can keep it!) pays for it in the end. Your lyrical style is beautiful, so beautiful that you bring it home and spit it to me; but I'm not sure where you left your actions at! (Oh did I miss it, what was the surprise I was suppose to be getting after being away from home for a month and a half!) The earlier the departure the less she will know, you know the routine you've been there before. Question, how long will you travel to see this one, one weekend a month, a week every two months, ooh dont worry; we'll figure that out (they probably know your name by heart as many times as she took you there!) p.s. did you really mean to make another creation go through this?!?!? Sinbad or Ghostface (that is who some used to say that he looked like) gave you his most treasured gift on this earth; I wont tell him what you did with it, it would probably break his heart! It seems like you always forget to stay on top of your game when you cross the border to 8th avenue, but it's all good. I will tell Liz, Ken and Steven that you said hello!

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