4th Quarter...With 5 seconds to go!!!!!

And I'm losing... I need a prayer people...This game of Love is the hardest ever played. I need a "For Dummies" book to get some notes...I thought I had it figuered out. Be nice, compliment, clean up after myself and some good lovin' and I win!!! WROOONG! This thing is more than a game,9-5 or any task I've ever tackled. I need some help. Every time I think I'm dribbling right to the hole, there's a call, out of bounds, traveling or simply being lazy...The latter is what I'm best at....And it has me losing... To Coach Mama Mia.... Leave me in baby, I got it, even though I'm still learning the game please just leave me in, I CAN DO IT!!! I know it has taken me a long time to get adjusted and play by the rules, but I promise I will make you a happy owner...You chose me as the star player for your team because you saw the potential, but like a good rookie it takes a few years to get adjusted to the pro's...So as we come out of our last timeout I just ask you to give me the ball one last time and have faith in my shot baby...I know I can bring home the trophy...I Love YOU!!!!! P.S How's Maine? Cold? Well let these words warm you in your travels.....Kisses from Jade and Gigi

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