Wha's the name of that thing.....oh yeah, RELAXATION

I have been meaning to get up here everyday, but when you start work at 6:45 am and end at 8:30 pm all you want to do is go to bed at the end of the day. So Tuesday is my last day in Kittery, ME after being here for a week, Wednesday I'm in Christianburg, VA, then a stop in New York to the family and friends, next week in Katy, TX, the week after that New Orleans, LA (you left this one out) and the week after that Lawrenceville, GA. So for all you who like NIKE's there will be some new factory stores in your area (PS, who lives in Kittery, ME.....and by the way, I think I am the only black person here!!) My first Easter without the family (words cant even express how much mommy misses ya'll, thanks for taking care of the girls Chris, cojo (?!?!?!), criscojones (this name needs to be banished), christ (this one too, but for other reasons), chris sabien and any of your other aliases.....who are you by the way! Anyway, back to work cause it seems like it never ends, I just want to send out a public service announcement to all shoppers out there.....next time you walk into a NIKE store just know the clothes, fixtures, mannequins, signage, window graphics and anything else in that store doesnt make itself into what it is!!!! I literally walk into a white box with 4 walls and with the crew we make magic happen......it's not the same magic as David Blaine but we definitely pull some tricks out of the bag. Well on that note a back massage, foot rub, mani/pedi sure would be nice right about now!!

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