Easter Egg Hunt

Hello all you Easter Bunnies!!! I hope you hit up my dudes @ The Brooklyn Circus for the freshest gear this side of the Globe...Me, I'm still chillaxin in the Beach...Honestly I needed the rest... I've been on injured reserve for the last few weeks...Shouts to Sweetpea!!! So I needed to rest my leg, the doc gave me some muscle relaxers so I'm litterally on "Cloud 9"...Shouts to the homie Timeout!!! But back to the fam...It's great playin Mr.Mom, although my heart is lonely cuz my baby's criss'crossin the globe, but we feel her all around, and no I'm not layin in the bed....even though I need to. But it's great, today we woke up got dressed for chuch, they had on the classiCK.O easter dresses, and we went to church...You know I had jokes baby, but this is the way the lord made me and he knows my heart...He's a funny kinda Guy!!! After church they took pix then changed and I helped them make Easter eggs, then off to the hunt....Dag, I remember the good ole' days, when the only worry was where the next egg was, then you get so frustrated that you give up....But I'm a living example and this is what I teach my girls, Grind 2wenty4our7even,NO$LEEPgetmoney(or eggs)

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