seY mI gnitirw siht ni a rorrim. mI ni na etanretla dlrow fi uoy daer siht ouy era laiceps dna rea detacided ot em os won I sselb ouy.....Welcome Christopher, we missed you, how was it there? The stories of the culture are raidly changing...Ahead are special times for we are on the cusp of a new generation....2+0+0+8= PERFECTION...OD EHT HTAM... The wife and children are now safe and it is time to execute THE ARRIVAL....... The induction of The Artist.. Truelivingart through the form of manuh... I hope you guys are ready for the ride... Trading Places Times and Space You are there in form of air if strong enough to impress time with the depth of your soul and the impact of LIFE

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