This blog is dedicated to the growth we go through as people...The things we experience in life and the people that become involved in our world shape and develop our future. October 29, 2004: Enter Sean John Exit A Wife...Not only did she become my friend but helped me to become who I am now...Maybe I needed her and she me, I mean I prayed for her and her for me... Now we stand United and Seperated, One but Two...Whole but Fractionated...We are a strength that we have not yet harnessed...So away we go.. on this journey to Oneness. Some guys say, You don't NEED a woman... But see this...Mother raises child from womb to 12, @ 13 child is raised by Father until 18 @ which time child goes on Own... During which time we as humans search for a "partner" or person of which brings out the inner glow in us all... So man unto woman as woman unto man...Now my wife and I are meant...I literally prayed for her and she once wrote the things she looked for in a man...Even though I contradicted some of her beliefs she saw ME.... Now we are giving each other experineces from never before which forces us both to Evolve together...Our Creation is child and now we strive to Create our Vision....I Love You Sweetpea.......

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