The Beach

Hey there..I'm tuning in today from the Beach Of V.A...I forgot I was her til I read Charles Hamilton's blog...For some reason he always reminds me of my deepness ,(pause), but inspiration has to come from somewhere. This is the state of Lovers so it's only right that this is where my Love is from...Just here wit my 2 baby girls, brothers and In-Laws.. The word in society is you hate your In-Laws...But mines, I'm lucky...They treat me almost better than my own Kin...Real Fam here...Not many people really know what REAL Family is....In society we mostly know of only single family households, but out here there's alot of Family goin on...Now don't get me wrong, every family thats together aint always good...But I've been blessed....A dude like me accepted into and shown ultimate Love from every angle,One Word....BLESSED....So as my wife leaves me here without her phisycal to touch, her breath to taste or her voice to hear...I sleep with her every night, right next to where her spirit was raised... I miss you My Love... Hurry Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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